Circular 37/21 Updated 2022 Budget Form

Further to Circular 35/21, some updates have been made to the 2022 sub-Branch Budget Form. Please follow this link to download the Budget Form and supporting documents.

The updates will assist sub-Branches to outline their intention to contribute to the RSL NSW Veteran Support Fund (a contribution pool), which is aligned with the objectives of the Strategic Plan 2021-2026. To find out more about the Fund, please follow this link to a discussion paper.

The Veteran Support Fund will finance state-wide contributions to support services such as RSL DefenceCare and the National Centre for Veterans’ Health Care, the sub-Branch Support and Assistance Fund, RSL National Capitation Fees, sponsorships and scholarships, which are outlined in Annexure A of the discussion paper.

Detailed information about the Strategic Plan Investment Model and Veteran Support Fund will be available to sub-Branches and members soon.

The sub-Branches that have completed and submitted their budget form will be contacted to make minor alterations.

If you need any assistance or clarity to complete the Budget Form, or require an extension on the deadline of 30 November 2021, please contact the Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or