Circular 34/24 Overdue SBAs, CARs and Budgets

Thank you to all sub-Branches that have completed and submitted the mandatory sub-Branch Annual Return (SBA) and Compliance Annual Report (CAR). In accordance with the RSL NSW Constitution and SOP7, both the SBA and CAR were required to be submitted to ANZAC House by 31 May.

If your sub-Branch has an overdue SBA or CAR, please complete it as a matter of priority. Both the SBA and CAR can be completed online via the sub-Branch Portal. Instructions for how to complete the SBA and CAR can be found on pages 19-27 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide.

To check that your sub-Branch has submitted the SBA and CAR, log into the sub-Branch Portal and click on Annual Return or Compliance Report from the top menu. Then, click on the dropdown to change the display from ‘Draft’ to ‘Submitted’ and ensure that the 2023 reports appear in the ‘Submitted’ list.

In addition to the SBA and CAR, and in accordance with SOP7, an Annual Budget must be submitted by sub-Branches to ANZAC House before 31 December each year. If your sub-Branch has not submitted its Annual Budget for 2024, please do so.

ANZAC House is directly contacting sub-Branches that have not complied with their obligations under the RSL NSW Constitution and SOP7. Failure to comply with procedures may result in:

  • Non-attendance at District Council meetings
  • Non-attendance at Congress and the Annual General Meeting
  • Possible disciplinary action

If you have any questions or require assistance completing the SBA, CAR or Annual Budget, please contact your friendly Member Support Team via or 1300 679 775.