Circular 28/24 Portal training for sub-Branches

With the introduction of the RSL NSW Member Portal, sub-Branches now have two places to access key information and resources:

  • Member Portal: includes information and resources that are relevant to the wider RSL NSW membership, related to services and support, governance, Veteran Support Fund, awards and recognition, the RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program, the Member Merchandise Store, commemorations and events, membership forms, and ANZAC House communications.
  • Sub-Branch Portal: includes a suite of resources that are specifically designed to assist Office Bearers to successfully operate their sub-Branch, conduct community commemorations, submit budgets, annual returns, and compliance reports, complete training programs, and securely manage member data.

The following resources are available to help Office Bearers and members to navigate the Portals:

To further assist, a one-on-one Portal training session is available to all sub-Branches. The session will be conducted via Microsoft Teams on a date that suits your sub-Branch Office Bearers and is an opportunity to build your knowledge of both the Member and sub-Branch Portal and to have any questions answered by the team at ANZAC House.

If you’d like to book a training session with ANZAC House, or have any questions regarding the Member or sub-Branch Portals, please contact your Member Support Team via or 1300 679 775.