Circular 27/23 Sub-Branch stationery now available in the sub-Branch Portal

A suite of stationery items is now available to assist sub-Branch Office Bearers to undertake their administrative roles. The sub-Branch Stationery is located in the sub-Branch portal in the ‘Be on Brand’ category, and includes the following templates:

  • Meeting agendas
  • Attendance lists
  • ‘With compliments’ slips
  • Letterheads
  • Media releases
  • Minutes
  • Business cards
  • Email signature block

Simply download the Word documents from the ‘Resource web links’ in the right-hand column, then save a copy to your computer so you can edit and use the documents as required.

To use the email signature block, download the template, highlight and right-click to select ‘copy’ the signature. Then, in your RSL NSW (Outlook) email account:

  • Select ‘New Email’
  • Select ‘Signature’ > ‘Signatures’
  • Select ‘New’, type a name for the signature, and select ‘OK’
  • Under ‘Edit signature’, paste the copied signature template
  • Then update the template with your contact details
  • Select ‘OK’ and close the email

The RSL NSW signature block will now automatically appear at the end of your emails. If you require assistance to follow this process, please contact your Member Support Team at ANZAC House.

All templates can be customised to include sub-Branch names under the RSL NSW header logo, including the business card file which can then be forwarded to your local printing company.

If you have any questions regarding accessing, customising or using the new stationery, please contact your Member Support Team at or on 1300 679 775.