Circular 26/24 Complete the mandatory SBA, CAR and AIS

Further to Circular 4/24, sub-Branch Executives are reminded that a sub-Branch Annual Return (SBA) and Compliance Annual Report (CAR) must be submitted to ANZAC House by 31 May, in accordance with the RSL NSW Constitution and SOP7.

All sub-Branches must also submit an Annual Information Statement (AIS) to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) by 30 June.

Any sub-Branch that did not submit its 2024 Annual Budget on or before 31 December 2023 is encouraged to do so.

Thank you to all sub-Branches that have already fulfilled these important governance and administrative requirements.

Sub-Branch Annual Return (SBA)  

To access the online SBA form, log into the sub-Branch Portal and select ‘Annual Returns’ in the top navigation bar, click on the date ‘2023’, then follow the instructions.

The SBA form automatically calculates totals, populates notes, and pre-fills sub-Branch information that is recorded in the sub-Branch Portal. It also has the capability to add fields to insert information outside of the parameters of the form.

Instructions for how to complete the SBA can be found on pages 19-25 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide. An instructional video is also accessible in the sub-Branch Portal.

Compliance Annual Report (CAR)  

To access the CAR, log into the sub-Branch Portal and select ‘Compliance Report’ in the top navigation bar, then follow the instructions to complete the report. Sub-Branch Executives are encouraged to collaborate on the completion of the CAR, to ensure the accuracy of responses.

Instructions for how to complete the CAR can be found on pages 26-27 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide (available on the sub-Branch Portal).

Annual Information Statement (AIS) 

The AIS can only be lodged by the sub-Branch via the Charity Portal on the ACNC website. You will need your ACNC specific sub-Branch email address and password to access the ACNC Charity Portal.

If you require support to access the ACNC Charity Portal, please contact the ACNC directly on 13 22 62, between 1pm and 5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.

It is essential that the AIS is submitted, as failure to complete the statement could result in the ACNC deregistering your sub-Branch as a charity.

The lodgement of the AIS with the ACNC also presents an opportunity to ensure the sub-Branch’s ‘Responsible People’ (Executive and Trustees) are up to date on the sub-Branch’s ACNC account.