Circular 23/23 Registrations are open for the RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program

Further to Circular 19/23, issued on 28 March 2023, ANZAC House is pleased to announce that registration is now open to sub-Branches for the state-wide RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program which will commence on 1 May.

There are three options for sub-Branch participation this year:

  • The Participation Competition: A point-based competition with a focus on participation and collaboration. Bonus points are offered for hosting family-friendly activities and collaborating with nearby sub-Branches and local veteran-serving organisations. This can include ex-service organisations, for-profit entities that benefit veterans, and veteran-owned or operated businesses.
  • The Challenge Ladder: A team-based, multi-activity competition held between proximate sub-Branches. Please note, to participate there must be a minimum of four teams registered within the district.
  • The Social Program: A non-competitive option that focuses on promoting activities without accruing points or positions.

The opportunities are endless for the type of activities your sub-Branch can facilitate for members and veterans in your community, and their families. For inspiration, please visit the Sport & Recreation page on the RSL NSW website.

Registration takes approximately 10 minutes and is completed in the Sport & Recreation Program sub-Branch Registration Portal.

To prepare for your registration, please note the following:  

  • Only one registration per sub-Branch is required
  • Your sub-Branch can register for both The Participation Competition and The Challenge Ladder, if choosing a competitive option
  • You will need to have a clear electronic copy of your sub-Branch’s current Public Liability insurance policy on hand
  • You will require the contact details of your sub-Branch Sport & Recreation Coordinator as per the Program Guidelines.

For more information, please view the RSL NSW Sport and Recreation Program | Registration Options video.

After registering, sub-Branches will receive a welcome email detailing access to the support resources for selecting, planning, and promoting activities, funding (if needed), and parameters to safely conduct activities.

For more information, please view the RSL NSW Sport and Recreation Program | How does my sub-Branch get started? video.

Please note, there is no registration closing date. Each sub-Branch’s participation in the competition will commence upon registration, however, results will be tallied on 30 September.

2023 Program timeline  

  • April: Sport & Recreation Q&A video resources released via Circular
  • 1 May: Sport & Recreation Program competitions begin
  • 30 September: Sport & Recreation Program ends
  • October: Results announced at the 2023 State Congress.

Please share this information with members and discuss how your sub-Branch can facilitate sport and recreation activities for veterans and their families in your community.

If you have any questions regarding the RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program, please contact your Member Support Team at or on 1300 679 775.