Circular 21/23 Commemorative medallion and certificate to honour Vietnam War veterans

To acknowledge the 50th anniversary of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is producing a Commemorative Medallion and Certificate of Commemoration. This is a small but meaningful way to honour the service of Vietnam War veterans and to recognise the sacrifice of those who never returned home.

Who is entitled to the medallion and certificate? 

Vietnam War veterans, or their widows or family members (with immediate family members taking precedence) are entitled to the medallion and certificate. Please note, only one medallion is available per Vietnam War veteran.

What does the medallion look like? 

Gold in colour, the front of the medallion features the Commonwealth Coat of Arms with ‘Vietnam War’ inscribed at the top and ‘Australia remembers’ at the bottom. The reverse features words of thanks at the bottom with the years 1962-73 inscribed at the top to represent the years in which Australia was involved in the Vietnam War. The medallion also features a UH-1 Iroquois “Huey” Helicopter, a depiction of HMAS Sydney (III) “Vung Tau Ferry” and an Australian soldier holding an SLR.

It will be presented in a display case and will include a card that explains the design and contains a brief expression of thanks.

What is on the certificate? 

The design of the commemorative certificate complements the medallion. It includes the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, ‘Australia Remembers’ wording and includes the signature of both the Governor-General and the Prime Minister.

The certificate will be contained in a folder to allow for independent display, framing and mounting.

Is there a cost for the medallion and certificate? 

No, the medallion and certificate are free, and no postage costs are involved.

How can we obtain the medallion and certificate? 

Applications can be made via the National Mailing & Marketing portal on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website.

How long does it take to receive the medallion and certificate? 

The distribution of medallions and certificates will commence in June for those who have submitted their applications before or during June. For any applications after June, distributions will be made within three weeks of receipt of the application.

RSL NSW has a long history of supporting commemorative events such as Vietnam Veterans’ Day, which highlights the camaraderie within the veteran community. The medallion and certificate serve not only as a symbol of recognition for veterans’ sacrifices, but also as a reminder to current and future generations of the service and sacrifice veterans made in defence of Australia. ANZAC House encourages all Vietnam veterans and their families to apply for these tokens of appreciation.

For more information about the commemorative medallion and certificate, please visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website at Alternatively, contact 1800 838 372 or via email at