Circular 18/23 Where to find critical resources and processes – Information for new and continuing Office Bearers

ANZAC House has developed an expansive collection of resources and guidance for Office Bearers, to support sub-Branches in matters of commemoration, administration, governance, and compliance.

As AGMs take place and new Office Bearers are elected, this serves as a timely reminder of how to find some of the most important and commonly used resources and processes available to our valued volunteers.


Written Directions Framework 

The Written Directions Framework supports the functions performed by Office Bearers and includes RSL NSW Policies and SOPs. It was developed in line with initiative 5.15 of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan.

The Written Directions Framework is a critical resource for new and existing Office Bearers and for delivering on the RSL NSW Charitable Purpose, and is available under the ‘Written Directions Framework’ category heading in the sub-Branch Portal.

The WDF includes:

  • Outlines of the roles and responsibilities of sub-Branch Office Bearers
  • Handover Guides, for inducting new sub-Branch Office Bearers
  • Guidance Notes, providing guidance and information to assist in operations
  • Registers and Templates, such as a Risk Register, which will help assess and report risks, and a Pre-Event Assessment checklist as a guide for sub-Branches to prepare and hold events.

A video walkthrough of the Written Directions Framework is available here.

The sub-Branch Portal 

The sub-Branch Portal is a one-stop-shop for everything required to undertake all Office Bearer roles. It provides sub-Branches with a membership management system that facilitates the administration of sub-Branches, Office Bearers, meetings, member details, and renewals.

You can access the Portal using your account details here. If you have difficulty logging in or do not have the account login details, you can reset your password by following the instructions in the User Guide.

Learn more about the Portal by reading the User Guide or watching this short video walkthrough.

Please contact the Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or email if you have any questions regarding accessing or using the sub-Branch Portal.


Updating Office Bearers in the sub-Branch Portal 

Newly elected and continuing Office Bearers’ individual personal email addresses must be up-to-date and/or added to the sub-Branch Portal to receive important information from ANZAC House and to undertake training courses.

To do this, please ensure the outgoing Office Bearer is transferred to the ‘Previous Office Bearer’ list and the new Office Bearer is added to the ‘Current Office Bearer’ list in the sub-Branch Portal. Refer to Section 11 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide for assistance.

Please note, in accordance with the RSL NSW Constitution, only service members can be elected to Trustee, President and Vice President Office Bearer positions.

Please then email a copy of the minutes from the sub-Branch meeting which captured the new appointments to On receipt of the supporting documentation, the appointment can be confirmed, and the Office Bearer name will appear in your Portal.

Changes will not appear in the Portal until the Member Support Team has received and reviewed the documentation.

Completing sub-Branch Annual Returns (SBAs) 

Sub-Branch Annual Returns (SBAs) are due for completion by 31 May.

The SBA Form lodgement can only be completed online via the sub-Branch Portal as the Form automatically calculates totals, transfers populated notes, and pre-fills sub-Branch information that is already recorded in the sub-Branch Portal.

The completed online SBA Form can be downloaded and printed by sub-Branch secretaries that prefer to keep paper-based records. The SBA is not required to be emailed or mailed to ANZAC House.

Please contact the Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or email if you have any questions regarding the online SBA Form process.

Updating sub-Branch Trustees and its Trust Deed  

In addition to updating details in the sub-Branch Portal, the sub-Branch should contact ANZAC House to request assistance to prepare a Deed of Retirement and Appointment of New Trustee (also known as a Trust Deed) to ensure a new Trustee is formally and legally appointed.

The appropriate Trust Deed template will be provided by ANZAC House, depending upon the assets held by the sub-Branch Trustees, and comprise of the following:

  • Deed of Retirement & Appointment of New Trustee (Real & Personal Property). The trust property includes real property (if applicable) and personal property.
  • Deed of Retirement & Appointment of New Trustee (Sale Proceeds). The assets of this Trust are the funds received on the sale of sub-Branch property which are invariably invested. RSL Custodian Pty Limited is a co-trustee of this Trust.

It is recommended the sub-Branch seeks legal assistance to prepare the Trust Deed, or contacts ANZAC House for guidance to complete the Trust Deed. The Support and Assistance Fund is available to those sub-Branches that cannot meet the legal expenses incurred to update their Trust Deed.

A Trust Deed must be registered at NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) to be effective. ANZAC House can assist with this by lodging it over the counter at NSW LRS on behalf of the sub-Branch. The registration fee (currently $154.20) will be invoiced to the sub-Branch.

On receipt of the signed Trust Deed, the appointment can be confirmed, and the Trustee’s name will appear as “Approved” in the Portal.

Please contact the Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or email if you have any questions regarding the Trustee and Trust Deed process.

Compliance Annual Report 

The Compliance Annual Report (CAR) is available for submission up to 31 May. Sub-Branches are encouraged to collaborate on the completion of the Report, to ensure accuracy and better inform training programs.

The CAR covers the obligations for sub-Branches under the RSL NSW Constitution, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and legislative requirements by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Information gathered from sub-Branch CAR submissions will inform training on: Finance Processes, Governance Processes, Legal and Regulatory Requirements, and the RSL NSW Charitable Purpose.

Please note, the CAR is not designed as a mechanism for disciplinary action – its purpose is to support sub-Branches in their operations and delivery of our Charitable Purpose.

To access the CAR, log into the sub-Branch portal with your sub-Branch email address and password. Select ‘Compliance Report’ in the top navigation bar and follow the instructions. Refer to Section 10 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide for further instruction.

If you require additional support on accessing any of the resources or conducting any of the processes, please contact ANZAC House at or on 1300 679 775.