Circular 16/21 How the sub-Branch Advisory Manager can assist your sub-Branch

I understand that the administrative requirements sub-Branches need to meet can be a challenge, particularly as we are a volunteer-based organisation focused on providing support and facilitating camaraderie for veterans.

The team at ANZAC House is here to do all they can to make life on the administrative front as simple as possible for sub-Branches. With that in mind, I wanted to make you aware of our sub-Branch Advisory Manager, Ivan Brisot, and the services he can provide.

Ivan helps sub-Branches navigate issues that arise from time-to-time with managing constitutional compliance, such as:

  • Approvals (expenditure, investments and property)
  • Structure (executives, trustees and chapters)
  • Annual Reporting (SBA and AIS) and budgets.

Ivan can also provide advice and guidance on a range of matters, including meeting your obligations within the RSL NSW compliance framework, and processing clearances for sub-Branch participation in District Councils and the RSL NSW Congress/AGM.

Ivan can be reached by contacting the RSL NSW Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or