Circular 13/22 Sub-Branch Administration Levy

Further to Circular 42/21 ‘Fee-Free RSL NSW Membership’ and as noted in the Board Communiqué for 26 November 2021, the RSL NSW Board has developed and approved a policy to enable sub-Branches to charge its attached members a voluntary levy.

This follows the Board consulting with the District Presidents’ Council about the concern that, with membership now being fee-free, sub-Branches who may have relied on a percentage of the membership fee to support their charitable purpose could potentially experience financial difficulties.

The policy which can be read in full here, states as follows:

From 1 January 2022, RSL NSW sub-Branches can seek payment of a voluntary levy of not more than $15 from RSL NSW members attached to that sub-Branch, to pay for administration costs.

The administration levy is NOT a membership fee and cannot be applied as such.

The levy is not a donation, it is a levy agreed by RSL NSW members attached to a sub-Branch to support the ongoing operation of their sub-Branch.

If Associate members choose to contribute, their levy is to be received by their primary sub-Branch, which has responsibility for administration, not the associate sub-Branch.

The levy will be required to be reported in the sub-Branch’s financial statements and SBA.

Sub-Branches are reminded that there is a ‘Sub-Branch Support & Assistance Fund’ which provides financial assistance for sub-Branches to ensure that their service to veterans and the community can continue without interruption. Sub-Branches can apply for financial support by using this online form. Applications will be reviewed and approved by the State Secretary. Click here to view the current balance of the Sub-Branch Support & Assistance Fund.

If you have any questions about the Sub-Branch Administration Levy or accessing support, please contact the Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or email