Circular 10/22 Financial assistance and disaster relief

As the last two years for Australia and the world have shown, the unexpected happens. This serves as a reminder that ANZAC House and RSL LifeCare/DefenceCare can provide financial support to sub-Branches, members, and the wider veteran community.

Natural Disaster Support

RSL DefenceCare supports veterans and their families impacted by natural disasters such as flood, drought, and bushfires. Our partner charity can pay bills on behalf of veterans and can transfer funds to provide short-term respite.

If you know a veteran that has been affected by recent flooding and requires access to financial support, please contact the team at RSL DefenceCare via their website or by calling (02) 8088 0388.

Alternatively, please call RSL NSW on 1300 679 775 or email

An email is also being sent to all Members about the disaster relief available to them.

Support and Assistance

The Sub-Branch Support & Assistance Fund provides financial assistance for sub-Branches to ensure that their service to veterans and the community can continue without interruption. The fund is made up of donations from sub-Branches to support smaller sub-Branches across the state.

For example, the following types of costs have been requested and approved for expenditure from the Fund:

  • A computer for a sub-Branch that previously did not have one who were then able to participate in 2021 Congress
  • Commemoration expenses (audio, video and chair hire) for a sub-Branch who were having difficulty putting on ANZAC Day for their community
  • Insurance policy premium for a sub-Branch who was in danger of falling into arrears

Sub-Branches can apply for financial support by using this online form. Applications will be reviewed by the State Secretary. Click here to view the current balance of the Sub-Branch Support & Assistance Fund.

If you have any questions about accessing support, please contact the Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or email