Check Mate: RSL NSW Calls on Aussies to Pledge their Support this ANZAC Day

This ANZAC Day, RSL NSW is calling on all Australians to ‘Check on a Mate’, pledge their support, and encourage their veteran friends and family members to commemorate the day by attending one of hundreds of commemorative events facilitated by RSL NSW.

To further highlight the importance of ANZAC Day events, Census 2021 data has shown that one in 20 (5.3%) Australian households reported at least one person who had served, or was currently serving, in the ADF.*

RSL NSW President Ray James said: “The Census data shows that everyone knows a veteran or is connected to someone who has served in some form or another: a grandparent, partner, parent, sibling or friend. It’s therefore all of our responsibility to make sure they are okay, know that they have support and know where they can seek that support. Whether that’s a coffee with friends, or it’s employment or wellbeing support.

“RSL NSW is home to 26,000 members and more than 320 sub-Branches across NSW, all of whom stand ready to provide mateship, a ready-made community, connection and links to support services for veterans and their families.”

Over the past 12 months alone, RSL NSW membership increased for the first time in 40 years, up by 11%, highlighting the importance of the RSL, and the real need for veterans to be able to access local support and services.

Support through transition is an important way of ensuring ADF veterans’ professional value and expertise is realised in civilian life. Census data shows that the employment rates of reservists (89%) and all veterans (75%) are comparable to the national average (74%), clearly demonstrating that veterans bring highly valuable skill sets to the workplace, transferring training, knowledge and experience gained during their service.

The data also shows that serving in the ADF can provide great professional outcomes for women, with 17% of female reservists, and 14% of female veterans now working as managers, compared to 11% of females in the general population.

Adrian Sutter, RSL NSW member and founder of  veteran-led charity Swiss8, said: “Transitioning out of Defence is a real challenge for many veterans, no matter how rewarding a career they have had. Some have never been civilians as adults and need to learn even the basics – getting a Medicare card and renting a house.

“While basic training to become a soldier takes three months of around-the-clock hard work, transitioning out of Defence takes as little as 30 minutes. After walking out the gates, veterans need to rebuild their social networks and transition into civilian life, shedding the military identity and norms that civilian society doesn’t recognise.

“RSL NSW works hard to offer its members opportunities to rebuild community and identity via initiatives such as family-friendly and accessible sports and recreation, social activities and more.”

RSL NSW, with its charity partner RSL LifeCare Veteran Services, provides a range of support for veterans and their families including mateship and camaraderie, DVA claim support, employment services, and housing and homelessness support, as well as myriad other programs to assist veterans as they transitions into new careers and settle into civilian life.

For a full list of RSL NSW sub-Branches and ANZAC Day commemorative services, visit: / to discover how you can honour our veterans.

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