Board Communiqué for 23 May 2024

Board Meeting 23 May 2024 

The Board met online. Due respects to the fallen were made by the President. 

President’s Report 

The President thanked everyone involved with ANZAC Day and noted that events across the State were well received, resulting in significant media coverage.  

The President attended recent events, including the District Presidents’ Council (DPC) meeting on 23 May 2024. The President asked the Directors to represent him at a number of future events, as unfortunately he cannot accept every invitation.  

The President continues to strengthen RSL NSW’s existing relationships with Government representatives, and external organisations.  

RSL Australia Ltd (National) 

The President advised that the National Board meeting is scheduled for 30 May 2024 and that he intends to meet with the President of RSL Australia prior to the meeting.     

CEO’s Report 

The CEO’s report was discussed and noted. The CEO thanked the sub-Branches and District Council that rallied around the vulnerable widow of a deceased veteran to provide emergency support.  

CFO Report and Business Performance Report 

The Board noted the CFO Report. The CFO advised that budget assumptions were presented to the Audit & Risk Committee, and that further work will be undertaken to finalise the budget for approval at the Board meeting in June.  



Location for Congress / AGM 2025-2027  

The Board resolved to recommend the Tamworth Regional Exhibition and Conference Centre (TRECC) as the venue for Congress from 2025 to 2027, to delegates at the 2024 RSL NSW AGMnoting that various venues were inspected together with District Council and sub-Branch delegates.  Click here for more information on the venue selection.

Sub-Branch Incorporation 

The Board revisited the matter of sub-Branch incorporation and resolved to continue to allow sub-Branches to incorporate as a company limited by guarantee (CLG) only, noting that a legislative change would be required should sub-Branches be allowed to incorporate as an association.  

Audit & Risk Committee 

The Board discussed and noted the WHS Report.  

Selections Committee

The Board: 

  • Endorsed four Life Memberships for National approval. 
  • Endorsed one MSM for National approval. 
  • Endorsed one Auxiliary Life Membership for National approval. 
  • Endorsed one 75-year sub-Branch certificate for national approval.

 Appointment of Company Secretary

The Board endorsed the appointment of Kerryn Divall as Company Secretary, replacing Jeff O’Brien, who resigned his role as Company Secretary. Jeff’s role as State Secretary continues unchanged.  



Sale of Hyde Park Inn 

The Board noted the update on the sale of Hyde Park Inn and the continued progress in that regard. 

Director Terms 

The Board was asked to consider staggering Director terms, and a paper will be prepared for the DPC for consultation.  

Recruitment of Independent Director 

The recruitment panel has considered shortlisted applicants and will invite successful candidates for interviews. The panel intends to make a recommendation to the Board at the June meeting.  

Board Succession 

The Board acknowledged the notification by Ms Sophie Ray of her intention to retire from the Board at this year’s Annual General Meeting in Newcastle. The Board further noted the agreed timeline to ensure a smooth succession of her role as Chair, with the election of the new Chair to occur by Directors at the Board meeting in June. 



Related Entity and Committee Matters 

The Board noted the minutes of the following Committee meetings held: 

  • Audit & Risk Committee  
  • Veterans’ Services & Policy Committee 
  • Nominations, Remuneration & Performance Committee 
  • ANZAC House Trust 
  • Young Veterans’ Committee  

Sub-Branch and Member Matters  

The Board noted the matters approved under CEO delegation. 

Tribunal Matters  

The Board noted that there was one matter being referred to the Tribunal.  

Staff Engagement  

The Board noted that performance and salary reviews would be conducted before June 2024.  

Circular Resolutions  

The Board noted approval of two Circular Resolutions.  



Transfer of Charter to Corrimal RSL Sub-Branch Limited 

The Board approved the transfer of the Corrimal RSL sub-Branch Charter to the entity known as Corrimal RSL sub-Branch Limited. 

RSL National Capitation Fees 

The Board discussed receipt of an invoice for national capitation fees.  


The next Board Meeting is 27 June 2024 and will be held online.