Anzac House Communications

As a valued member you get access to confidential documents that communicate what RSL NSW is doing in your name and how we are performing. Stay informed and read the outcomes of board meetings, updates from our President and CEO, news from the State Secretary, details about our Strategic Plan and much more information that explains the issues we need to deal with and the work we are doing.

It’s important for the Board and Executive to keep our members fully informed so that you can have a say in how we operate and the issues that we need to focus on.

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Board Communiqué

Communiqués distributed following RSL NSW Board meetings.
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Read Circulars issued by ANZAC House.
Strategic Plan Development

Strategic Plan 2021-2026

The RSL NSW Strategic Plan is now available for review
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Structure and Support

The team at ANZAC House includes various roles and functions that work together to provide support...