25th Anniversary of Australian Service in East Timor Star Ceremony



Hall of Memory, Anzac Memorial (Hyde Park South, Sydney)



Friday 20 September, 10:45am





1300 679 775

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25 years ago military involvement in East Timor began in 1999 when the East Timorese people were given the opportunity to vote on whether or not they wanted their independence from Indonesia. In response to the vote for independence, pro-Indonesia militia groups began attacking civilians. Around 1400 civilians died, and around 500,000 people were displaced from their homes. Entire towns were destroyed and half the population left the territory, some by force.   


Indonesian President BJ Habibie announced on 12 September 1999 that the country would withdraw from East Timor and allow peacekeepers to enter.  


The United Nations Security Council authorised the formation of a multinational force known as International Force for East Timor (INTERFET). It was headed by Australia, with a mission to:  


  • Restore peace and security in East Timor  
  • Protect and support United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET) in carrying out its tasks  
  • Facilitate humanitarian assistance operations 


Join RSL NSW on 20 September as we acknowledge the over 18,000 Australians who served in East Timor between 1999 and 2013, including the six Australians who paid the ultimate sacrifice whilst deployed, or as a result of their service. 


A nationally broadcast service will be held in Canberra on 20 September at The Australian Peacekeeping Memorial. For more information please visit dva.gov.au 


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