Community Noticeboard

KaRa MINDS Dementia Research Facility
29 April 2022

KaRa MINDS is an internationally recognised Clinical Trial centre focused on the prevention, detection, and treatment of dementia. New treatments for dementia have recently been approved in the USA, and these treatments are available in Australia for people involved in clinical trials.

Joining a clinical trial at KaRa MINDS means you are getting access to some of the most promising treatments available worldwide. KaRa MINDS uses state-of-the-art diagnostic approaches and ensures that individual needs are closely monitored during any study. Participating in a clinical trial is free of cost, and reimbursement for travel and meals is provided.

For those people aged 60yrs and older, KaRa MINDS recommends a memory clinic appointment to help establish a baseline for your future care. This appointment helps you to identify any modifiable lifestyle approaches that may assist in preventing dementia

If you are interested in volunteering for a study, or wish to book an appointment, call KaRa MINDS now on (02) 8960 7788, to discuss your needs.

For further information visit our website at