City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch Middle East Area of Operations Commemoration Service


City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch


8 Tindale Street PENRITH NSW 2750

Main Service

Memory Park, Penrith NSW, Australia

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5:00 pm


Thursday 11 July


The City of Penrith RSL sub-Branch is planning to conduct the inaugural MEAO Commemoration Service marking the cessation of the very significant Operations. The service starts at Memory Park, Penrith from 5:00 pm on 11 July 24. The Sub Branch hopes to encourage a significant attendance by many local Veterans, including those that served during those Operations. Additionally - we are hoping to build a specific memory board in the RSL Club prior to the Service, we are humbly requesting individuals to send in any photos of their deployments (with names, details).