Mr Phillip Chin



An enthusiastic executive with 15 years experience in the public service and 10 years in the Australian Army Reserve. Extensive experience in stakeholder engagement, business process improvement and design, strategy development, risk management, project management, data analysis and leadership roles. Recognised as a strong leader of people, able to build high-performance teams and influence internal and external stakeholders to deliver superior service and outcomes.


Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) - the Australian government’s international trade and investment facilitation agency offering information, advice and services to support Australian businesses as they access international markets.

Risk and Quality Manager, Export Market Development Grants Aug 2015 – current

Promoted to the role to drive business improvement and risk management within the Export Markets Development Grant Scheme in an environment of increasing application numbers, fixed resourcing and technological change.

  • Implemented changes to systems, processes and resource allocation to improve productivity and efficiency allowing Austrade to assess 16% more grant applications with the same level of resources and organisational risk.

  • Improved client service by increasing automation, reducing red tape, removing excessive risk controls and introducing faster processing of low-risk grant applications.

  • Introduce a quality assurance framework to support performance management and business improvement.

  • Manage EMDG consultant performance through the extended lodgement program and consultant not fit and proper provisions.

  • Improving client communications by introducing webinars to deliver information to potential applicants.

  • Coordinated the user experience workshops with internal and external stakeholders to identify potential improvements to our systems and work processes.

  • Implement agreed on recommendations from the 2014 ANAO performance review.

  • Deputy health and safety representative and local ideas challenge advocate for the Sydney Office

Australian Taxation Office - the Australian government’s principal revenue collection agency and a world-leading administrator of the tax and superannuation systems. We employ over 20,000 people to contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of Australians.

February 2005 – Present

Assistant Director, Lodgment compliance Nov 2014 – Aug 2015

Brought in to enhance the business operations of the stream and lead the cultural change required within the Parramatta site for 64 direct and indirect reports to meet the increasing expectations of stakeholders and address long-term performance issues.

  • Reorganised the organisational structure and established performance benchmarks on outputs and quality for the operational and support teams in the site.
  • Integrated quality measures into performance and development agreements, coaching and training.
  • Developed the leadership capability within the site to manage the change and address performance issues.
  • Reinforced the expectations and performance standards expected of staff.
  • Achieved improvements in a number of performance indicators including the number of cases and activities completed, quality outcomes and unplanned leave
  • Lead the development of the risk management capability in the ATO as a subject matter expert and training facilitator
  • Lead redesign of the tax evasion referral centre to enhance risk assessment and information sharing across the ATO


SuperStream Onboarding Segment Lead, Large employers May 2012 – Nov 2014

Brought in to the team to lead and facilitate the industry-wide adoption of SuperStream to standardise superannuation transactions and deliver long term benefits for employers, funds and members. Engaged key stakeholders including employers, superfunds, payroll providers, and employer associations to identify and resolve legal, technical and practical issues associated with the change.

  • Develop and implement the onboarding strategy for 800,000 employers
  • Developed SuperStream media articles, web content, videos and presentations
  • Created a joint ownership of the change and implementation risks associated with SuperStream within the ATO and across industry
  • Present information at industry, fund and ATO seminars, webinars and workshops
  • Work individually with employers to help them identify potential solutions to meet their obligations and benefit from the changes
  • Resolved a number of technical and legal issues which will allow funds and employers to meet their obligations and realise the benefits of the change
  • Increased knowledge by the business line of our stakeholders to ensure that workable strategies are developed and implemented
  • Initiated the use of webinars within the Superannuation Business Line to engage employers, funds, and tax professionals
  • Awarded: Letter of Commendation for excellence in innovation and client service


Assistant Director, Compliance Risk and Strategy Feb 2008 to May 2012

Promoted to this role due to experience and superior performance in analysing the business environment, developing strategy and communicating to a wide range or stakeholders. The role was broadened to include leadership the flagship compliance project, delivering improvements to workflow operations and work processes.

  • Led a multi-disciplined project team to successfully develop and launch of the Small Business Benchmarks leading increased stakeholder engagement, direct tax revenues of more than $25 million per year and improvements in compliance indicators against the benchmark
  • Develop and enhance risk models to identify and assess compliance risk
  • Identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness such as data matching merchant bank, eBay and AUSTRAC data to address unreported income
  • Develop and deploy tools to assist auditors in the identification of compliance risks including the personal living expenses tool and default assessment guides
  • Established the data warehouse capability within the business stream
  • Transformed a team of auditors in the to think and perform as business analysts
  • Removed the barriers preventing closer cooperation between the risk and strategy, specialist support, and operational teams
  • Work with external scrutineers such as internal audit, the Inspector General of Taxation and the Australian National Audit Office on their reviews of our programs and implement accepted recommendations
  • Present at the International Revenue Conference for leaders in tax administration on intelligence, risk assessment and case selection
  • Awarded: Letter of Commendation for excellence in client service 2009
  • Awarded: Team Business Achievement Award for the development of the Registered Agents Strategy 2011 (At the 2012 Comcover Awards for Excellence in Risk Management the ATO received a highly commended award,


Business Analyst, GST refunds Risk and Strategy Aug 2006 to Feb 2008

Promoted into this role due to broad knowledge of the tax system, analytical skills and understanding of stakeholder needs. The lead analyst responsible for forecasting workflows, monitoring performance against service standards, business improvement and issues resolution.

  • Improved the Risk Rating engine resulting in an increased accuracy in identifying compliance issues, reduced process times and lower cost of compliance for business

  • Enhanced forecasting and planning by implementing activity-based resource models to optimise staffing levels to meet performance standards

  • Improved the communication of strategy and performance to senior leaders and operational teams.

  • Awarded: Business Line Award for continuous improvement


Compliance Officer, GST Large Active Compliance Feb 2006 to Aug 2006

Promoted to the role following the completion the ATO Graduate program. Conducted audits and other compliance activities for businesses with greater than $100 million turnover requiring the interpretation and application of tax law and policies to individual situations. Made decisions in relation to penalties, negotiated resolutions of complex tax issues.

  • Delivered completed cases which met quality standards within budgeted timeframes
  • Reviewed and approved the work of team members
  • Provided training to support the implementation of a new case management system


Graduate Taxation Officer, Office of the Chief Tax Counsel Feb 2005 to Feb 2006

Hired as a graduate and completed job rotations in key functions of the ATO including compliance, interpretative advice and client services. Acquired the key business and technical skills to work across and eventually lead in the organisation.


The Australian Army– A respected institution comprised of professional men and women who serve the nation. As a part of the Australian Defence Force, we provide a potent, versatile and modern Army which contributes to the security of Australia, protecting its interests and people.                                                                                     

November 2007 – Present

Lieutenant to Major, Various roles and units Nov 2007 to Current

Commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps for my leadership and financial management expertise in 2007. Promoted to Captain in March 2011 and Major in December 2017. Responsible for supporting the risk and financial management within the Army in various roles.

  • Led the completion of financial management reviews which enhanced the financial and risk management of Army units
  • Provided military, financial management and audit training to Army members


Australian Institute of Company Directors Course (in progress)

Master of Risk Management (business operations), University of New South Wales, 2014

Certified Practising Accountant, CPA Australia, 2011

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance), University of New South Wales, 2004

Certificate IV in government (statutory compliance), 2006



  • Honorary Treasurer NSW RSL State Branch
  • Honorary Treasurer of the Taxation RSL Sub Branch