“The Sacrifice”

This is the central motif of the Memorial design. It comprises a bronze group of sculpture depicting the recumbent figure of a young warrior who has made the supreme sacrifice, his naked body lies upon a shield which is supported by three womenfolk – his best loved, Mother, Wife and Sister, and in the arms of one is a child, the future generations for whom the sacrifice has been made.

It illustrates the sacrifice engendered by war, self sacrifice for duty and the beautiful quality of womanhood who in the war years, with quiet courage and noble resignation, bore her burdens, the loss of sons, husbands and lovers.

The group rises pyre-like from symbolical flames of sacrifice, which radiate from its base.

Placed centrally in the “Hall of Silence”, it is below the eye level of visitors to the “Hall of Memory”, so that all who gaze down upon the group from this place of Memories must bow their heads in acknowledgment of those whom it symbolises – the heroes and heroines of New South Wales, in 1914 to 1918.