Lost & Found Service Medals

Found Service Medals

If you have lost a medal, please browse the lists of the service medals which have been found below:

Note: If you have lost medals and they do not appear on our lists, please try to contact us at RSL NSW by using the form below or contact the Directorate of Honours and Awards within the Department of Defence, as they also have a number of lost medals in their possession. Their contact details are:-

  • Directorate of Honours and Awards
    PO Box 7952
  • Department of Defence
    Canberra ACT 2600
    Telephone: 1800 111 321
    Fax:02 6266 1065
    Email: Honoursandawards@defence.gov.au

Lost Service Medals

If you have found a service medal and would like to return it to it’s owner, please see our list of lost service medals below:

Another place to try if you have lost or found medals is Glyn Llanwarne over at Lost Medals Australia. Glyn has returned 650 medals to veterans and their families. Glyn also has a blog here.

Contact Us About a Lost or Found Medal

If want to list a lost or found medal or you would like to contact RSL NSW in regards to listing a lost or found medal, please use the contact form below. If claiming a medal, please tell us your service number and return mailing address. Alternatively you can visit us at our office - Level 5, ANZAC House, 341 George Street, Sydney.


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