What is Anzac Day?

ANZAC Day occurs on 25 April every year. On this day we honour all the men and women who have participated in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world, including the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. Incredibly, more than 100 years have passed since Australia’s involvement in the First World War.

ANZAC Centenary 

The ANZAC Centenary (from 2014 to 2018) commemorates Australia’s involvement in World War I and remembers anyone who has served in a war or conflict as well as those men and women still serving in the Defence Forces today. It was on 1 November 1914 that the first convoy of Australian and New Zealand ships left Albany in Western Australia to transport the ANZACs to the battlefields of World War I. When most people think of the ANZACs, they think about the infamous landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. The 100th anniversary of this moment was commemorated with many events around Australia and around the world. On 25 April 2015 the traditional Dawn Service at Gallipoli was attended by more than 8000 Australians, 2000 New Zealanders and 500 official representatives from other Nations, forming a 10,500 strong crowd on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. In Australia, the five years of the Centenary will be filled with air shows, art awards, marathons, exhibitions, parades and much more. Communities all over Australia will remember, record and retell some of the millions of stories and events that Australians experienced during World War I.

Simpson and his donkey

One man who exemplified the ANZAC spirit was Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick. Simpson, as he was known, was a stretcher-bearer in the Australian Army Medical Corps. Night or day, he rescued injured men from the battle line at Monash Valley and transported them to safety at ANZAC Cove on the back of his donkey. The donkey had originally been brought to Gallipoli for carrying water but, with Simpson, it found a much greater cause. In only 24 days at Gallipoli, Simpson and his donkey rescued around 300 wounded soldiers.

Source: Australian War Memorial

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