2018 ANZAC Day March in Sydney


ANZAC Day Dawn Service Map


Anzac Day is a day of remembrance. It is an opportunity for veterans, current service women and men and the general public to pay their respects to those who have served our country.

ANZAC Day Order of March

Navy Order of March

RAAF Order of March


The start point for the March is the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Martin Place. The start time is 9.00am. The participants are to pass the start line in the order shown in the Order of March Broadsheet. The Order of the March must not be changed without the approval of the Chief Marshal.


Due to the construction work in George Street for the light rail project, the March will commence at the intersection of Martin Place and Elizabeth Street, travel south on Elizabeth Street to Liverpool Street, where Marchers will turn left for dispersal - unless directed to turn right or proceed straight ahead.

Please look for direction from Dispersal Marshals.

ANZAC Day Sydney March Map

If accessing viewing areas from the pedestrian tunnel underneath Martin Place, please note the following: The Eastern access is between Elizabeth St and Phillip St and the Western access is between Castlereagh St and Pitt St (the stairs between Castlereagh and Elizabeth will be closed because of the Metro works).


The Act of Remembrance will be observed as units pass the ANZAC Memorial in Elizabeth Street. A marshal will be positioned in the correct area in order to assist unit leaders with giving the eyes left command. At this command, hats are to be removed and the right hand held over the left breast and kept in that position until the unit is clear of the Memorial, when the reverse is to be followed. Heads are to be turned towards the Memorial when passing it. Banners and Flags are to be dipped. Defence Force formations are to salute the Memorial as they pass it.


Associations or Units who wish to conduct a brief wreath-laying service at the Cenotaph in Martin Place on 24-25 April should contact ANZAC House to be allocated an appropriate time in the schedule of events. The last wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph is at 8.05am prior to the Consular Wreath Laying Service at 8.15am. Wreaths may also be laid at the conclusion of the March.


The ANZAC Commemoration Service is held at the ANZAC Memorial, Hyde Park, adjacent to the Pool of Remembrance, commencing at 12.30pm.

The service has developed into an impressive dedication to ANZAC, usually attended by His Excellency the Governor, Premier of New South Wales, Leader of the Opposition, senior service representatives, invited guests and members of the community. In recent years a United Drumhead Service has been introduced. This year support is to be provided by cadets from The Scots College and a choir accompanied by the NSW Police Concert Band.


This ceremony will start at the Cenotaph, Martin Place, at 5.00pm. It will be a short service accompanied by the NSW Ambulance Service Band and followed by the lowering of the flags. It brings to a conclusion the official ANZAC Day Commemorations in Sydney.


Anyone eligible to be a Service Member of The Returned and Services League of Australia is eligible to participate in the March.

A descendant of a veteran is invited to march with a Unit formation as a carer (one per marching veteran), banner party or flag carrier, regardless of whether they are entitled to be a member of The Returned and Services League of Australia or not.

All other descendants are invited to march with the descendants’ associations in a place of prominence in front of the Commonwealth and Allies contingent. One descendant of a deceased veteran may honour their relative’s service by wearing his/her medals on their right breast.

Units that do not contain any marching veterans will be directed to march with the descendants association.


As the ANZAC Day March is an Act of Remembrance and Commemoration, dress should reflect the dignity of the occasion. 

Veterans and serving personnel wear their decorations on the left chest, over the heart.

Many people choose to remember deceased relatives by wearing their medals. You are welcome and encouraged to wear your relative's medals to Anzac Day. If you are wearing someone else's medals please wear these on the right hand side of your chest.