State Branch Update - 2 March 2017


Dear Members,

I know that there is a lot of rumour and concern circulating amongst sub-Branch members at the current events surrounding RSL NSW and I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information based on feedback from a number of District Council Presidents and others.

Annual State Congress

Congress is still going ahead in Albury between Sunday 22 May and Wednesday 25 May 2017. Despite any other investigation, report or enquiry, we are bound by the Constitution (clause 21.3) to hold Congress annually at the time, date and location as determined by the 2016 Congress. Motions have been submitted for consideration and an agenda will be issued within the timeframe set by the Constitution.

Congressional Election

The 2017 Congressional Election is still valid and ballot papers will be issued later this month. They have not been issued as yet because there are still a lot of sub-Branches completing their AGMs and compiling their SBA forms for clearance. There has been one candidate withdraw from the election for State Councillor Northern Country and as stated in the By-Law, State Council has made a decision regarding the ballot which will be communicated to Northern Country sub-Branches very shortly.

Extraordinary State Congress

As with the first two points, State Branch will initiate the process to hold an Extraordinary State Congress in accordance with the Constitution (clauses 21.9 – 21.10) upon receipt of correspondence from at least 75 sub-Branches. There have been a number of such letters received at ANZAC House and as long as the letters indicate the meeting at which the resolution was heard and agreed to and the letter is original and signed by the sub-Branch Honorary Secretary, it will be added to the tally.

State Council

State Council has stood aside and delegated its oversight authority of RSL NSW to a Caretaker Management Committee consisting of 3 respected Service Members of RSL NSW (one Metropolitan, one Northern Country and one Southern Country). This authority to delegate is conferred on State Council through clause 16.1.(c) of the Constitution. Our organisational structure relies on sub-committees to continue to provide support to Youth Clubs, Day Clubs, Commemorations and administrative functions, with the final oversight authority resting with State Council. This authority now rests with the Caretaker Management Committee until the conclusion of the Board of Enquiry or the declaration of the Congressional Election.

Caretaker Management Committee

The names of this committee have not yet been made public as RSL NSW is still trying to determine the best way to indemnify the committee members. More information will be available soon however if you have any questions in relation to the Caretaker Management Committee please forward them to and I will ensure they are placed before the committee members.

Investigations and Reports

The process concerning the investigations into RSL NSW has been drawn-out and frustrating for many members. ANZAC House has cooperated fully with all investigative teams and this has drawn our limited staff resources away from some of our regular duties however it is my understanding that two of the key reports will be finalised in the next couple of weeks which will enable the process for a Board of Enquiry to gain pace. Once we are able to release the details and findings of these reports and investigations we will do so.

Finally I would like to acknowledge the patience of many members through this difficult time. I recognise that the flow of information to members has been slow however we are committed to trying to remedy this through these direct emails.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff O'Brien
Chief Operating Officer
Assistant State Secretary

The Returned and Services League of Australia (NSW Branch)