RSL AFOF provided parcels to serving members of the Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police posted overseas. The majority of these personnel serve in peacemaking missions on a six month rotation basis and, to ensure that each receives the benefit of a package during their period of service, the packages are made available for delivery twice yearly. These packages are loosely referred to as the mid-year and Christmas packages. Our commitment to supporting serving ADF members around the globe continued below:

• HMA Ships on deployment with Operation Slipper were provided with Satellite TV services.

• Support of Cultural Tours for HMA Ships while on deployment on OPERATION SLIPPER

• Provided 39 PSB with recreational equipment and amenities for their troops in Egypt. 

• Recreational equipment was made available to ADF troops serving in the MEAO, Sudan, Sinai and Golan Heights.

• Support to cover expenses, allowances and in-theatre flights for Forces Entertainment personnel entertainers.

• ADF troops serving with the FCU MEAO with recreational equipment and amenities.

• ADF troops serving with the RANLO Bahrain with recreational equipment.

• ADF troops serving with the Afghanistan ANA Academy with recreational equipment.

• Television equipment and supporting peripherals to provide recreational support to the men and women deployed on Operation Mazurka in Sinai, Egypt.

• Support to the ADF troops serving in Operation ASLAN, Operation Paladin and troops serving PSB FPC and 39 PSB RSO&I (Afghan). 

 This ongoing support has led to a special relationship being formed between the ADF and RSL AFOF (NSW). This was borne out by two recent requests received by RSL AFOF (NSW Division) from the ADF:

• The RAN requested RSL AFOF (NSW) to provide support for the ESPS Cantabria while serving with the RAN on attachment. RSL AFOF (NSW) was able to provide this support to the Ships Company and ADF members on exchange by providing welfare and cultural support.

• A request from the ADF to help support our ADF personnel to attend the Allied Winter Sports Camp. This Camp allows ill and injured soldiers from Australia, the UK and the U.S., to join Canadians in trying an array of winter sports. The camp offers a host of benefits to injured soldiers that are about more than just physical rehabilitation. Winter camp also offers opportunities to ill or injured troops to become more active through sport. RSL AFOF (NSW) was able to help outfit the ADF Contingent in the appropriate winter clothing. It is hoped this commitment will be an ongoing one.

This supports RSL AFOF (NSW) policy of providing ongoing support to our ADF personnel in whatever ways that we can be of service. Continuing the tradition of volunteers from RSL State Branch, RSL sub-Branches and civilians from the Defence Department and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs joining with serving members of the Deployed Forces Support Unit (39th Battalion) at Randwick Barracks in NSW to pack over 3,500 parcels, both May and November, for shipment overseas.

 The RSL AFOF parcels were sent to points on the globe (where ADF personnel are serving). Australia has large numbers of personnel serving in these overseas missions. It should be noted that it is essential for the Fund to keep sufficient finances on hand, so that in the event of a sudden requirement, RSL AFOF can act immediately in support of our forces.

To achieve this we receive regular support from the RSL community and thank all sub-Branches, Women’s Auxiliary and others for their generous donations totalling $69,469.

We would like to acknowledge the fine effort and support provided by John Cannings OAM, our Honorary Solicitor, for his counsel, Annette Mulliner OAM, Honorary Treasurer, Barry Lloyd, Chartered Accountant, Honorary Auditor and Don Rowe OAM, former State President RSL NSW and former State Commissioner of RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund (NSW).

Mr John Boyle
Honorary Secretary

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